Emergent Self a Speculative Fiction

What will 2050 look like? Where will I be? What will teaching be? What will students be?

Honestly, I have no idea what 2050 will look like and the thought of the future at this point in time is a little scary to me. There is a lot of pressure on the future and what it may hold for me and for the world and that pressure will always exist.

However, if I could create my self-visualization it would be a calming peaceful environment in which children would explore their world and environment through inquiry their own questionings and wonderings.

We would spend time outside. Have strenuous and meaningful discussions about the world around us and the students themselves.

The art would be multifaceted and delve into a variety of subjects lapping from math to English.

The environment would be one in which everyone could learn and grow the students would guide the class.

There would be a reciprocal relationship between student and teacher. There also would be multiple “teachers” or facilitators in the classroom.

Testing would be nonexistent.

The children would become in sync with technology exploring and using it to the best of their abilities while creating artwork that bridges the gap between subjects and people.

The class/ the society would form an identity as a whole along with their own individual identity. Learning the necessity of a collectivists form of society.

NAEA Question

Hello, I’m an Art Education Student at Penn State and I want to inquire about art teachers individual communities in the Art Education classroom. It would be extremely helpful to have any thoughts.

How do art educators create a collaborative community within the K-12 classroom?

Can we Visualize Data?

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Can we Visualize Data?

Artist’s take intellectual ideas and transform these ideas into a visualization, work of art that we (the community) see in a museum, a textbook or on a wall in our homes. If an artist takes a written document that they did not create would it be considered plagiarism, stealing ideas? Could it be considered a work of appropriation or a remix of the art of language?

The concept I chose to address is the overarching idea of community. How can art educators create an existential feeling of warmth and welcome in the classroom while addressing difficult ideas like racism, feminism, and encompass current political and social issues?

Can the creation of the classroom environment that promotes choice while infuses the principals of art and problem solving be attained in the future?

I believe that we can. The path to this is to inquire into our own beliefs and teaching practices. In order to data mine the concept of community I choose two articles Community and art: creative education fostering resilience through art by Hyungsook Kim, in which the author explores Art Education and how it can create an impact and promote change in community outcomes.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.54.41 PM
Community and Art
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.54.25 PM
Community-Based Art Education


The other article that I choose to data mine was Community-Based Arts Education. This article examines portraiture, the idea of an individualistic society, collaborating together to create a world of change.

There is a big difference between an individualistic and collectivist society there is a transformative power in both societal ideals. There is a power in an individual to bring courage from within to move mountains. The United States is considered an individualistic society, but there can be a great benefit in using a transformative power of a group. In the current times, it is necessary to create a community in which we can thrive as individuals, as well as transform into a united front to promote change.

The resource I used was Voyant tools, I imported the two separate texts and used the bubble tool to create a visual map. The resource Voyant tools has many opportunities for use in all types of classrooms. Creating images from written words can have a powerful effect on the viewer. In a fast paced society, I as well as others are not inclined to read and decipher large groups of texts. Placing text in a visual format creates a more enticing image to observe.

Can we use the concept of a community to build strength and change the troubling aspects in society today?


What is power and how does it run our lives…

There are many powerful images in my life my family, my beliefs, my behaviors, the current political climate, school, teachers, authority figures, and money.

I am bombarded with visual images in my life from television to art in museums and even images in nature. These images affect the way I see the world. Images on the news make me want to ball my eyes out and never go outside again. A specific image I am thinking of is the TV Commercials that show emaciated children who need our monthly payment of $10 to go to school. Another image that pops up is the Sarah McGloughlin commercials in which they sing, in the arms of an angel. To which I quickly flip the channel.

My family is powerful in the way that they love me unconditionally. They are the rock that I stand upon and the rope that pulls me out of high waters. They are a form of power that I would consider situational. They have power over my choices and actions because of the unconditional love that they give. I did not choose to be born to them. However, when I was younger they would be considered an authoritative power, but we have become a transformative force in which we discuss and think through ideas together.

Power makes me continue my school work move forward throughout the day. Having constructed ideas and thoughts of power allows me to compartmentalize my ideas thoughts and opinions. However, concepts of power can be turned on their head.

Money is a form of power that disgusts me I wish money did not exist. I despise the fact that money can have such a control over people that it can make or break a person. It can be a domination power that creates a threat to people’s security like making enough money to live. Money divides social classes and creates barriers in social structures.

Money can also be seen as a transformative power in the fact that it can create a well-justified society it can make a difference in lives of all people. Like the commercial of the starving child. It is sad that it has this power but it mainly does.

Power can create conflict or transform life.