Find Card Responses

I attempted to access voice thread but the video never loaded. I have my find card comments here.

  1. Find an artwork
    that reminds you of home.

    Why does it remind you of home?

Grace Collins artwork of the snow-covered barn reminds me of home because it is quaint and peaceful.

2) Find a feminist intervention.
What is the intervention?

I consider a feminist intervention a point where women’s rights are questioned. In this video, there are many examples. Specifically when Karen states ” I get a second chance. must be because I’m a boy” during the game of life.

3) Find a game that you have fond memories.
What is something about that game that you would change? How should it be updated today?

I have fond memories of playing monopoly with my mom and sister when the power would go out, the game would go on for days. The game should be updated so the players have to work together instead of working against each other to get the most money.

4) Find audio that you do not recognize.
Based on its context, what do you think it pertains to, or how do you interpret it? How did it make you feel?

In Pictionary, there is an audio clip that discusses creativity. I know I have heard it before but am not sure where. I interpret it as an enforcer to the necessity of creativity. It makes me feel inspired.

5) Find a game that makes you feel uneasy.
What aspects of the game causes this?
When you imagine yourself playing it, does it have the same effect?

The game Guess Who makes me feel uneasy, caused by the elimination of people based on their physical characteristics. It feels wrong like discrimination. It has the same effect when I imagine myself playing it.



Find Card

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On the Lino Canvas, post a selfie surrounded by symbols, artifacts, objects, fashion, and a place that says something about you. Your selfie begins intercultural place explorations with students at the University of Helsinki. The selfies will also be used for Exquisite Corpse drawing in class on Oct. 31.

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Trash Talk Journey

I looked into Shelby’s and Alexis’s web quest at

I also commented on lino for them to see.
The theme of their web quest is inviting. It makes me excited to start on the journey. One thing I did notice is the white words on the home page are a little hard to read perhaps change them to a different color? But overall it looks great and I am so excited to see the final product.

Looking at others quest’s also helps me to think about mine in different ways.